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1911 Pistol Dis-Assembly Tool

After many times of answering the question "Why don't you do a multi-tool"?

1911 Tool by Duane DwyerI am finally changing my answer from: "There are companies who specialize in that endeavor and do an exemplary job, I appreciate their subject matter expertise in this area and support their past, present and future."

My new answer is based on a thought process that has not changed in regards to the companies I spoke of previously. It has expanded to look at issues that a solution can be provided with simplicity, technical merit, good raw material choices, quality construction, and if at all possible, a little bit of sex appeal. My first release is labeled DDC MTI JB, which represents; Duane Dwyer Custom, Multi Tool 1, Jason Burton.

1911 Tool with a 1911

I am a great fan and an amateur builder of 1911 pistols. I have been fortunate enough to study the work of some great guys with private instructions as well as the printed and video info we all study. I have befriended Mr. Jason Burton and find his technical expertise, his attention to detail,his historical appreciation and his absolute enthusiasm for his trade to be exemplary and at the top of his field.

With great pride, here is Mr. Jason Burton's review of the tool and some amazing photos that his good friend Brady Miller of Monkey Depot fame took if I am not mistaken. I would like to express my appreciation to both of these men for their contribution and am proud to offer this tool for sale directly.

Cost is, of course, $45. Plus shipping.

Recently my friend Duane Dwyer showed me a simple tool that he crafted for field-level 1911 maintenance. Being a 1911 enthusiast himself, Duane explained the tool as something that could be used for both basic 1911 maintenance operations, such as tightening and/or loosing stock screws while at the range, as well as aiding in the removal of pins from the frame.

The tool, which is about the size of a #2 pencil, is made of Titanium and features an ordnance spec'd flat-blade driver tip on one end and a blunt pin-driver point on the other. The point on the end of the tool can start pins out of the frame as well as depress the firing pin enough to allow for complete slide disassembly - a handy feature when needing to tension/check an extractor or clean the recesses of the slide.

Duane may have only intended the piece as a field expedient armors tool that will turn screws and help push pins but, as I quickly discovered with a slotted mag-catch lock and slotted stock screws … which, in my opinion, how all 1911s should be.

While there may never be one single "end-all, be-all" 1911 tool, this simple and effective implement allows for a multitude of uses while being unobtrusive and light enough to put in your pocket and carry onto the range deck where it will likely show its value and earn its keep the most.

Jason Burton
Custom Gun Maker at Heirloom Precision & Thunder Ranch Staff Instructor

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