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About Duane Dwyer

Duane DwyerHumankind's greatest needs are commonly referred to as water, food and shelter. The unmentioned yet equally important partner to these three needs are, tools!

Tools greatly improve our ability to secure all three of the primary needs. The development and use of tools has led us to great achievements and will continue to do so for centuries.

The basic edged tool or knife is the oldest of the tools known to man and one of the most commonly used. Over the last six thousand years, this tool has been improved in ways such as material development, the science of material heat treatment, geometry, trigonometry, mechanical designs like, folding knives, carry systems, coatings and a host of other aspects.

duaneAt DCG, our goal is to continue to manufacture edged tools at the very limits of technology. We will provide our customers with products meant to be handed on to generations to come with pride. We are proud to be a family business with a team that is made up of friends, subject matter experts in related fields acquaintances in both the knife making world as well as other related worlds, and, of course, you our customers who provide us with all the ideas we will need to adapt to our manufacturing abilities, to materials that have no superiors at their intended use. And as always, we will continue to study our trade and all related material sciences with history and innovation, durability and beauty, service with honesty and old world craftsmanship coupled with tomorrow's technology.

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