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National Anthem Contest

OK sports fans, patriots and good people...

National Anthem Contesthere's a cool opportunity for a custom folding knife worth over a thousand dollars... for free. We would like to say we will do this each year in our future, but for now we'll just say this year and will see how it goes. Our challenge is to get you to send DCG a cell phone video recording of any public or private playing of our amazing national anthem.

You will receive a 15% or greater discount on a purchase from us just for showing enough pride to participate. The one we pick at the end of the year around Christmas time that we feel is best out of all that are submitted will win a free folding knife that we will happily build.

To all our amazing great friends who hail from other nations, this challenge and opportunity is yours as well. You also will receive that discount for sending us any recording that you personally record which shows your pride in your nation and its national anthem.

National Anthem Contest

The rules are simple and the world hates cheaters:

Number one: you have to record it yourself and email it to


Number two: it has to be a live performance, not a recording. And NOT a recording of a recording.

Number three: I've heard some of the best music ever in smoke-filled bars with sticky floors that smell of cigarettes, beer, whiskey and urine. Don't hesitate to send versions recorded by amateurs. Remember, Johnny Cash was once an amateur too. Godspeed!

Deadline: 12/31/2018

First Contestant

Taken at the SF Giants vs. Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field. God Bless America!


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