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Available Blade Materials

Carpenter CTS XHP

CarTech CTS XHP alloy is powder metallurgy, air-hardening, high carbon, high chromium, corrosion-resistant alloy. It can be considered either a high hardness 440C stainless steel or a corrosion-resistant D2 tool steel.

CarTech CTS XHP alloy possesses corrosion resistance equivalent to CarTech 440C stainless steel and can attain a maximum hardness of 64 HRC. In addition, the composition of CarTech CTS XHP alloy has been balanced so that it can attain a minimum hardness of 60 HRC when air cooled from hardening temperatures of 1850 to 2000°F (1010°C to 1093°C). CarTech CTS XHP alloy is thus more forgiving during heat treatment than similar alloys.

CarTech CTS XHP can be used for specialty knives where the alloy's fine carbide distribution can be used to produce a keenly sharp cutting edge. The material can be easily ground to the thin profiles required for cutting tools. CarTech CTS XHP knife blades can be finely polished to high luster or produced with a uniform matte finish.

Carbon 1.60 % Manganese 0.50 %
Silicon 0.40 % Chromium 16.00 %
Nickel 0.35 % Molybdenum 0.80 %
Vanadium 0.45 % Iron Balance  

Carpenter Micro-Melt CD#1

CarTech Micro-Melt CD#1 alloy is a shock resistant cold work die steel possessing an excellent combination of toughness and wear resistance.

The alloy has a fine, uniform carbide distribution resulting from the Carpenter CarTech Micro-Melt powder metal alloy process. This fine carbide distribution, combined with a low sulfur content, results in excellent polishability of dies or tools manufactured from the alloy.

CarTech Micro-Melt CD#1 alloy may be considered for many types of cold work tooling applications where a combination of good toughness and wear resistance is required. In addition, it may be considered for coining applications because of the excellent polishability provided by the alloy.

Carbon 0.70 % Manganese 0.40 %
Silicon 1.00 % Chromium 8.25 %
Nickel 1.50 % Molybdenum 1.40 %
Vanadium 1.00 % Nitrogen 0.09 %
Iron Balance        

Carpenter Micro-Melt PD#1

CarTech Micro-Melt PD #1 alloy is an air hardening cold work die steel possessing wear resistance superior to that of conventional grades such as AISI D2, while still maintaining excellent toughness. In addition, it has the compressive strength required for resistance to deformation in tooling applications. The alloy possesses a fine, uniform carbide distribution resulting from the Carpenter CarTech Micro-Melt powder metal process. This uniform microstructure with fine carbide distribution is responsible for the excellent combination of wear resistance and toughness offered by this alloy.

CarTech Micro-Melt PD #1 alloy may be considered for many types of cold work tooling applications where a combination of excellent wear resistance and good toughness is required. Potential applications for this alloy may include: Punches, Rotary Shears, Blanking Dies, Chipper Knives, Slitter Knives, Thread Rolling Dies.

Carbon 1.10 % Manganese 0.25 %
Silicon 1.20 % Chromium 7.75 %
Molybdenum 1.60 % Vanadium 2.35 %
Tungsten 1.10 % Iron Balance  

Chad Nichols San Mai Damascus

Damascus - Non San Mai


SM-100 was originally developed for bearing and wear components for the United States Space Program, and it quickly became evident that we were onto something really important and relevant to the knife community. Along with lots of help from Duane Dwyer of Strider Knives fame, we worked tirelessly on prototypes and processing sequences to arrive at where we are today, which is the ability to provide you with one of the absolute best knife making materials.

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