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DCG Frequently Asked Questions

Hardcore Milling

Do you offer serrated blades?


We also offer spine serrations, on specific models, for an additional charge. Spine serrations work especially well for cutting rope under water, or cutting through extremely dense materials.

I like thick blades! Can I get one with thicker steel?

Dwyer Customs are available in any thickness, in either hollow or full bevel grind.

Do you offer discounts for active military and First Responders?

Since our founding we have always, and will continue, to offer a 20% discount to all active-duty enlisted military personnel. Why? Because we come from the military and Law Enforcement. Along with this discount we offer the hope of making your deployment date. In other words, if you are on your way into harm's way, give us a call. We will do our best to put you at the front of our waiting list and get your gear to you before your date. If your concern is your D-date, give us a call; we may work something out.

Custom Ordering is Here!

Begin by choosing from a wide variety of handle materials, then go on to select your favorite blade design and blade material.

Then check out and pay only a small initial depost to get started.
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Or, Visit an Online Dealer

Can't wait? Dwyer Custom has online dealers with a nice selection of knives that you can order now.
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